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The Bourbon Whiskey Library is a personal collection of over 1,000 bottles. My love for whiskey started with Jack Daniel's and grew to include a few notable Scotches and one or two Bourbons. My collection really started to grow when my father, who was a Jack Daniel's Tennessee Squire, handed me down a few heirloom decanters and nominated me to become a Squire. In 2018 I moved to Charlotte with my wife and put my collection in our study.  There are dark cherry bookshelves which I started to fill. At this point I had about 60 bottles of Jack Daniel's and started expanding to Bourbons including Angel's Envy, Buffalo Trace, Heaven Hill and many more. The collecting continued to grow quickly in 2019 with the official start of The Bourbon Whiskey Library Instagram account and joining and co-founding my first group, The Bourbon Thieves. As the weeks started flying by, I found myself part of more groups and communities. .  With tons of networking opportunities, my account began to grow at a very rapid pace. I focus on being honest, genuine and most of all respectful.This is a collection of my journey and future endeavors. Thanks for following along.

Kindness, Responsibility and Respect Matter

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