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ASM American Single Malt Whiskey Finished in Sherry Casks - Review

The Details


American Single Malt Whiskey

Finished in Sherry Casks

Aged at least 3 Years prior to Secondary Finishing

In Sherry Casks and Pot Smoked Oak

Produced and Bottled by ASM Brands

Zebulon, North Carolina

42% ABV / 84 Proof

Mashbill: 100% Malt Barley

Price: $65

Poured Neat and with 2mL of Water in a Copita Nosing Glass

Appearance: Gold

Nose: Malt, Bright Fruits, Plums, Honey and Vanilla

Nose with Water: Fruits forward, Honey and Vanilla

Palate: Well Balanced, Red Apples, Pears, Honey, Light Baking Spices and Vanilla

Palate with Water: Much more prominent Red Delicious Apples, Honey and lighter Baking Spices

Finish: Warm, Lingering and Oily with Sweetness coating the throat

Finish with Water: Refreshingly Sweet and Warm


Double Gold - New York International Spirits Competition 2022 / 96 Points

Double Gold - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022

Gold - The South's Best Spirits Awards 2023

Overall: Surprised in the best way possible. A well balanced nose, palate and finish brings this refreshing bottle a new home in the Library. It just may not last too long.

American Single Malts are starting to become a bit more popular amongst the whiskey community and I couldn't be happier. There just something special about the process and the flavors that come from distilling one grain. Sure, I'm a huge fan of just about every genre of whiskey, but aside from Jack Daniel's, my love started with both finished and unfinished Highland Scotch. A typical finish you find on many Single Malts is Sherry. Why you may ask? Well, the beautiful bright fruits tend to be put on display with a bit more emphasis when interacting with the single grain and the wood sugars. The profiles are hard to miss when lined up. A few drops of water tends to open these flavors a bit more as well. You'll always see that I include those drops when sipping these single malt expressions.

ASM is fairly new on the scene and is coming from my new home state, North Carolina. I love the NC whiskey scene and truly feel it needs its place in the limelight. Established in 2021 and already a decorated brand, there is an extra sense of pride when chatting with Founder, Luke Raymond. Browsing their WEBSITE should have the seasoned whiskey enthusiast chuckling a bit while playing the video, But on a more serious note, they drive the point home that this whiskey should "Tell A New Story", and that it does. While I'd be quick to start comparing this 3+ year expression to some 12 year bottles from overseas, I try to look at the bigger picture: This is a local distillery and the product is delicious. This is certainly a bottle I'd be thrilled to put in a blind lineup for visitors. Imagine the stories that could stem from those tastings.

I took the liberty of pairing this ASM Whiskey with a medium-bodied Macanudo Inspirado. Although I tend to fire up a bolder cigar with lower proof whiskey, this pairing was speaking to me upon first sip. The creamier tobacco and earthiness of the stick helped to accent the fruit tones even prior to adding those few drops of water. On the other side, the 84 proof proved to be a perfect companion to create a sense of creamy texture with each puff.

I want to thank Luke and ASM for the opportunity to try this with absolutely no strings attached. As always, I pride myself on being fair, honest and genuine when it comes to reviews and posts.

Library Rating: 8.3 / 10


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