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Broken Barrel Americana - Review

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

The Details

Broken Barrel

Straight American Whiskey

Finished with Broken Barrel Staves

NAS (No Age Statement)

Distilled in Indiana & Kentucky

100 Proof

Mash Bill: 80% Corn, 14% Rye, 6% Malted Barley

Oak Bill: 40% Charred American Oak, 40% Toasted American Oak, 20% American Apple Brandy Cask

Price: $40

Poured Neat in a Glencairn

Appearance: Amber

Nose: Caramel Flan, Vanilla Custard, Warm Apple Pie, Cinnamon

Palate: Fried Apples, Toasted Marshmallows, Milk Chocolate, Honey and Vanilla

Finish: Warm, medium linger - coats both sides of the palate with cinnamon and rye spices

Overall: Have you been to Cracker Barrel? If you answered yes, you've most likely had the Fried Apples that's offered with the other 97 items you get for breakfast. Well folks, that's exactly where this pour takes me. The name "Americana" couldn't be more on point. "As American as apple pie", right? So much going on here as the toasted barrel staves create a chocolatey and s'mores-like flavor just behind the apples. It works, trust me.

Broken Barrel continues to impress me with each release. It takes a lot to experiment and put your name behind some of these creations, but they continue to nail it each time. Certainly something for everyone with their portfolio of releases. Give them a look here.

A huge thank you to Seth for getting this bottle to me. Despite a great friendship, I still stand firm on being unbiased and 100% honest with my reviews. If I like it, you'll know.

Library Rating: 8.3 / 10


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