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Never Say Die Small Batch Bourbon - Review

The Details

Never Say Die

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Small Batch - 2750 Bottles per run

Serial No. NSDUS0002726

Aged at least 5 Years

Distilled in Kentucky

Bottled by NSD Spirits - United Kingdom

47.5% ABV / 95 Proof

Mashbill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Malted Barley

Barrels Used: American Oak - Char 4

Price: $60-70 (700mL)

Poured Neat in a Glencairn Glass

Appearance: Deep Gold

Nose: Spiced Citrus, Salted Caramel, Touch of Nutmeg, Vanilla Bean

Palate: Seared Orange Peel, Sweet Cream, Salted Brown Butter, White Pepper

Finish: Light, Sweet Heat to a Lingering Spice

Overall: We all know about the Jefferson's Ocean Voyages and how barrels are aged at sea on barges and sail from port to port. This entertains a very similar approach, but that's only a part of the process. "Kentucky Straight Bourbon" is the clear indicator that this whiskey produced follows all the requirements to be called "Bourbon". In fact, because the label reads "Kentucky Straight", means it was produced and aged for at least 2 years in the Blue Grass State. Huge climate fluctuations between summer and winter and plenty of expansion and contraction happening with each barrel. The "ins and outs" of the distillate in the barrel does something produces flavor from the wood sugars. But what happened the other 3+ years? Well, these barrels took a bit of a "holiday" across the pond to the United Kingdom. I for one am fairly certain I can pick out some extra "salty" or briney undertones while sipping this Small Batch. The excursion on a vessel does something else to these barrels that isn't very common, they're constantly being agitated. More interaction with the surface of the charred oak which creates a washing machine of flavor and color. The final step is resting the barrels in England. The weather in England is clearly different than Kentucky. A typically cooler and more consistent climate means the whiskey "slows" down its aging while still soaking in the flavors from the charred barrel. These barrels are then batched and bottled. In the case of Never Say Die, the Small Batches consist of only 2,750 bottles per run.

Stories of brands, labels and products always fascinates me. Never Say Die is a brand that really piqued my interest based on the back story. "Never Say Die" is the name of a horse, for all that aren't aware. Now, before your eyes start rolling about another brand with a horse, check out the story that brings together the USA, the UK, The Epsom Derby, Queen Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill and The Beatles. Click HERE for more info and the full story.

Finally, you want to know about the whiskey, right? I like it. I feel it has a delicious overall experience and can be a great everyday sipper. The true bourbon flavors are there with a touch of salted coastal aging and some great high-rye spices. I love the story behind the brand and the history that stems from one event to the next.

Neat - absolutely.

On the Rocks - sure.

In a cocktail - light but worth a "shot"

With a Cigar - I'd pair this with a medium to full-bodied smoke to enhance the experience

Library Rating: 7.8 / 10


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