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RY3 Whiskey Toasted Barrel Finish - Review

The Details

RY3 Whiskey

Rye Whiskey

A Special Blend of 3 Phenomenal Whiskeys

Cask Stregth

Toasted Barrel Finish

Batch: PR#006 / Bottle 145

Handcrafted, Blended and Bottled by

Phenomenal Spirits - Virginia Beach, Virginia

118.8 Proof

Mashbill: Not Specified - A Blend

Price: $80-85

Poured Neat in a Glencairn

Appearance: Dark Gold

Nose: Toasted Buttered Rye Bread, Vanilla, Brown Sugar and Cocoa

Palate: Toasted Marshmallows, Dark Chocolate, Baking Spices and Mint Leaf

Finish: Warm viscous and lingering hug with plenty of baking spices

Overall: In case you are reading one of my reviews for the very first time, it's no secret I love toasted finishes. This RY3 Cask Strength Toasted Barrel is no exception. Phenomenally blended Rye with the perfect finish. See what I did there? Without stating the obvious, buttered and toasted rye bread was the first and prominent note I pulled on the nose but that quickly morphed into the more distinct notes of roasted marshmallows, dark chocolate and even a touch of fresh smashed mint leaf. Even with those delectable flavors, the finish is where it's all at for me. The hug, the viscous coating, the baking spices...::chef's kiss:: With the cooler season inching more and more upon us, this is going to be a trusty companion on the porch with a medium to heavy cigar. I've already concluded through extensive personal research that toasted finishes require at least a medium bodied cigar to pull the maximum flavors. Now, pardon me while I continue my research...for science, of course.

Karthik & Matt, thank you kindly for getting this bottle to me to try. You guys are Phenomenal! As always, my reviews are always unbiased and couldn't be any more genuine.

Library Rating: 8.1 / 10

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mike medlin
mike medlin
04 thg 10, 2022

Great review as always! I hate this isn’t a local bottle to Charlotte. I’d love to have it I think.

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