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The Private Barrel Chronicles

As most of you know, my journey started back in 2019 when I debuted "The Bourbon Library". I later changed the name to The Bourbon Whiskey Library to incorporate all whiskey. But my passion for whiskey really started a very long time ago. It was only in 2019 when I began to document my daily pours and my "Whiskey of The Day" on Instagram and Facebook. I began to research more and more and truly took an interest in the ins-and-outs of our favorite spirit. With more knowledge and of course, more bottles being added on a weekly basis, my Instagram account started to blossom. With more followers and a greater scope of the community, I wanted to continue the growth and the passion. One way I continued this was participating in Single Barrel / Private Barrel Selections.

Obviously, the time period I just described, was the start of a different time in our lives. One that limited personal interactions. So, even the thought of helping to participate in a "pick" was foreign. The easiest way was to have samples sent and to pick a particular barrel that stood out the most. But it was more. It needed to be something unique and not something that simply tasted like a "shelf item". Clearly, nothing against what's on a shelf, but the thrill of picking a barrel is to bring something extra special to the table. As I say all the time, every barrel tells a different story. As times became a bit more "normal", I found myself traveling to distilleries to pick these barrels and blends in person. Talk about an incredible experience! So let me do just that. Let me be the story teller. Libraries are a storage place for history and stories, so lets venture down this road together as I introduce a weekly segment called THE PRIVATE BARREL CHRONICLES.

I will cross post here on my personal blog and my Instagram account on a weekly basis to highlight each of the Private / Single Barrel selections I've had the pleasure of being a part of. Some weeks I'll have videos of myself talking about the "pick". Some, I'll introduce you to the Distillers and Single Barrel Managers that helped make it happen. And of course, some weeks, I'll have guests on who were part of the same selection. I / We will also go through the tasting notes. With over 50 barrels that I have my name on, the stories have added up and I can't wait to share the fun times.

I invite you to follow along on the highlights of my journey!

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Sounds awesome !

Me gusta

Awesome new chapter!!!

Me gusta
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