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Wild Turkey Master's Keep One - Review


Wild Turkey Master's Keep "One"

Toasted Oak Finish

Kentucky Straight Bourbon

NAS (9-14 Years)

Wild Turkey Distilling Co. - Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

101 Proof

Mash Bill: 75% Corn, 13% Rye, 12% Malted Barley

Retail Price: $175

Poured Neat in a Rocks Glass

Color: Amber

Nose: Vanilla, Toasted Caramel, Brown Sugar, Burnt Sugar

Palate: S'mores. Chocolate, Marshmallows, Honey Grahams, Toasted Oak and a slight touch of Tobacco

Finish: A Warm, Medium-Linger Oak Spice

Overall: Let me tell you, this one ranks up there in my Top-5 of Toasted Barrel offerings without question. Some may think bourbon loses its complexity when finished in secondary casks, well, let those folks think what they want. This guy right here (me), is blown away by how well everything works from start to finish. I honestly don't believe Wild Turkey would have added this to the Master's Keep Collection if they didn't think the same. I can picture the commercial for "One". A group of friends hanging outdoors around a campfire with tin cups and probably too much flannel, passing around this bottle and getting the s'mores started on the fire. Laughter fills the scene along with the clanking of tin on tin as they cheers to the good life and the outdoors. Can you picture it?

As I mentioned, this one ranks pretty high on my list of Toasted Barrel Finishes and I stand behind my assessment. I could sip this all day long. A hefty price tag, but some bottles are just worth it. I'd gladly pick up another at retail if I were to come across "One".

Library Rating: 8.8 / 10

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