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World Whiskey Society Reserve Collection - Armagnac Finish - Review

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

The Details

World Whiskey Society

Reserve Collection

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Finished in Armagnac Casks

Edition No. 1

Aged 12 Years

Non-Chill Filtered

Distilled at Heaven Hill Distillery, Kentucky

Bottled by World Whiskey Society - Pendergrass, GA

96 Proof

Mash Bill: 74% Corn, 18% Rye, 8% Malted Barley

Bottle 661 of 885

Price: $204

Poured Neat in a Copita nosing glass. Click HERE to order.

Appearance: Deep Gold

Nose: Caramel, Dark Dried Fruits, Oak, Vanilla Bean, Dark Cocoa

Palate: Silky Chocolate, Flakey Pastry, Dried Apples and Dates, Toasted Oak

Finish: Medium linger with a medium viscous coating. Semi-sweet finish.

Overall: Heaven Hill deliciousness finished in Armagnac Casks! This is right up my alley. So much going on with this pour and I'm all about going back through and dissecting all my notes each sip. A truly remarkable bottle design can only get better with some incredible bourbon on the inside. Typical proof for Armagnac is around 96 so I fully understand and respect the choice to keep this where it's at. A soothing and smooth, yes smooth, coating and finish has me reaching for another sip more frequently. Like I mentioned, theres quite a bit going on here so it's best to just embrace it while sitting back. The cocoa is my favorite takeaway with this pour as it bounces from dark to milk back to dark.

A huge thank you to World Whiskey Society for getting this bottle to me and giving me the opportunity to give my honest review.

Library Rating: 8.6 / 10


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