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Bushwood Spirits - Long Ball Single Barrel - Review

The Details

Bushwood Spirits Long Ball

Premium Straight Kentucky Bourbon

Black Label

Single Barrel

NAS (No Age Statement)

Bushwood Spirits - Stanford, Kentucky

Distilled in Kentucky

100 Proof

Mashbill: Undisclosed

Price: ~$80

Poured Neat in a Copita nosing glass - Click Here to order

Appearance: Gold

Nose: Light Fruits, Vanilla, Baking Spices, Earthy and a scent of Honey

Palate: Crisp Green Apple, Warm Caramel, a touch of Vanilla and Cinnamon

Finish: Sweet, Medium Finish met with a very light spice.

Overall: This was my first time trying anything from Bushwood Spirits. They were kind enough to reach out and send me this bottle to see what I thought with no strings attached. I'm happy to report, no mulligans were needed and it's quite delicious. The bottle design lures you in. As a golf fanatic, I am drawn directly to the crystal golf ball topper. The labeling on the bottle is also very aesthetically pleasing to look at as the wording seems to pop off the background.

So, let's tee it off and talk a little about the bourbon. The nose meets you with light fruits and the baking spices we all love. I get a scent of honey and just the right amount of an earthy "funk" like when I duff my wedge a few yards from the green. The palate follows suit with the light fruits and bring forward a crisp green apple tone. If I'm going to be serious, this reminds me of going to the fair and enjoying a warm caramel apple (without the nuts). Add a sprinkle of cinnamon to that treat and you might as well just stick me on the ferris wheel. The finish is very well rounded with a sweet medium finish and a nice viscosity which had me smacking my lips a few times in anticipation for another sip.

A lot of times, companies will try to get creative and market something with shiny packaging and a product that just isn't quite there yet as far as age, taste and overall complexity. That's not the case here. Long Ball Black Label is a gimmie in my opinion. Now, if I can just keep it in the fairway...

Library Rating: 8.1 / 10


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