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Castle & Key Wheated Bourbon - Review

The Details

Castle & Key

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Small Batch

Batch 2 - Bottle 00780

5 Years Aged

Castle & Key Distillery - Frankfort, Kentucky

98 Proof

Mashbill: 73% White Corn, 10% White Wheat, 17% Malted Barley

Price: $59.99

Poured Neat in a Copita nosing glass - Click Here to order

Appearance: Golden

Nose: Creamy Vanilla, Butter Cake, Milk Chocolate, Toasted Almonds, Nougat, Honey

Palate: Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Milk Chocolate, Toasted Almonds, Nougat, Anise, Caramel

Finish: Warm medium viscosity with a sweet finish

Overall: Wheated bourbon always gets my full attention. I'm a wheated fan. You know it and I know it. Am I biased towards wheated bourbons? No. I will always speak my mind when it comes to how I feel about certain products. Let me tell you about something that needs to be tried: Castle & Key Batch 2, Wheated Bourbon.

From the second I saw this posted online, I knew I needed to make a push and find a bottle. A big shoutout to Liquor At The Lake in South Carolina for getting this in. I wasted zero time picking this up and opening it. I was also careful to sip on this on two different occasions before jotting down my notes for this review. My overall impression of this, you ask? Okay, I'll give away my secrets...Toblerone Candy Bar. It's all I could think of enjoying sip to sip. With the White Corn and the White Wheat coming from Walnut Grove Farm, I ventured down a bit of a rabbit hole while doing a little research on the grains. Reading more and more on hominy and the healthy benefits of white wheat, all of a sudden my glass was empty. What did I take away from all the reading I did? I determined this whiskey was healthy for me. This review took me a little while longer than most others because I wanted to be sure of the notes before publishing them. Initial thoughts and tastes followed through both times. I'm a fan. When you are immediately able to pick out a memory or a flavor from a sip of whiskey, you know you won't be able to think of much else to talk about. Well, I'm fine with that mainly because I love Toblerone, but also because I love wheated bourbon. Have I already mentioned that? Well done, Castle & Key!

Library Rating: 8.3 / 10

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