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Lost Lantern Soaring Spice from Frey Ranch - Review

The Details

Lost Lantern

Soaring Spice

Nevada Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Single Distillery Series

Edition No. 2023-Frey-1

Aged 4 Years

Non-Chill Filtered

Distilled at Frey Ranch Distillery - Fallon, Nevada

Bottled by Caledonia Spirits, Montpelier, Vermont

Alcohol by Volume: 63.8 / 127.6 Proof

Mash Bill: 67% Corn, 11% Rye, 10% Wheat, 12% Malted Barley

1 of 900 Bottles

Price: $100 - Soon to be released - Check HERE for more info (JULY 26th)

Poured Neat in a Stölzle Nosing Glass

Appearance: Deep Copper

Nose: Cloves, Cinnamon, Orange Zest

Palate: Apple, Cinnamon, Pie Crust, Warm Caramel

Finish: Warm long linger with a viscous coating. Slight pepper and nutmeg spice.

Overall: For those that aren't familiar with Lost Lantern, they are "whiskey nerds, and we’re building an independent bottler that talks to whiskey nerds. We love hunting down whiskies that people haven’t discovered yet and sharing the stories of the distilleries we’re most excited about. Ultimately, we just want to share what makes the world of American whiskey so exciting."

Exciting is an understatement. I, along with many other "whiskey nerds" and Social Media Content Creators, had the unique pleasure of sipping through the Summer of Bourbon lineup via a Zoom Call with the Co-Founders, Nora and Adam. The lineup offered so many different flavors from all across the US. But it was this "Soaring Spice" that caught my attention from the get-go. As the name implies, the spices are noticeable immediately. From the nose to the palate, those spice dance around your tastebuds. The warmth of this blended bourbon plays a great part in the experience. From what I thought would be a pour specifically for the holidays, turned into something quite refreshing. A year-long sipper, if you will. That warmth reminded me of a hot toddy in the fall or winter, but also that of a warm apple pie a la mode in the spring or summer.

The four grains in this mash can be dissected if you sit down and let your palate take over. The corn provides that sweetness. The rye, the spices. The malted barley, the fruits and zest. And the wheat, a little extra sweet creaminess. Nerding out is fun, especially when the whiskey is this delicious.

A great big thank you to Paula and to the team at Lost Lantern for including me in the tasting and for this unique and delicious bottle. And also, thank you for being so transparent with all the information. That goes a long way!

Library Rating: 8.4 / 10


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