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Off Hours Bourbon - Review


Off Hours

Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Produced for Off Hours Spirits by MGP Distillery, IN

95 Proof

Mash Bill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Malted Barley

Retail Price: $50

Poured Neat in a Glencairn

Color: Gold

Nose: Malted Barley, Corn, Light Oak and subtle hints of Leather and Tobacco.

Palate: Corn up front which paves the path to Vanilla, Honey, Pralines and Cinnamon.

Finish: Medium linger with a nice warm rye spice.

Overall: A huge thank you to Off Hours for providing this bottle to review. From the get-go, I anticipated a very young MGP profile based on the color and the nose. I was a bit surprised once I started sipping when more and more flavors started hitting the palate. The honey was a very nice compliment to the corn on the nose. Although there is no age statement, the bourbon tastes a bit young, but in no way is that a negative. The lighter tones help to push forth vanilla, and later, the pralines and cinnamon. The medium linger on the finish created a nice warm coating and even after the swallow, the flavors were evident. I'd love to see this distributed locally.

Library Rating: 8.0 / 10

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