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Rare Hare Spirits - The Tempest 20 Year - Review


Rare Hare Spirits

The Tempest

Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky

Finished in Port Casks

Distilled by: Undisclosed

Aged 20 Years

84 Proof

Mash Bill: Undisclosed

Retail Price: $999

Poured Neat in a Stölzle Nosing Glass

Color: Golden

Nose: Ripe Dark Fruits, Sweet Cream, Honeysuckle

Palate: Cream, Fig, Plum, Slight Smoke and Tobacco, Cocoa

Finish: Lingering and Viscous with a Warm Sweetness

Overall: The few expressions from Rare Hare Spirits I've had the opportunity to try have been very impressive. This is at the top of the list though. A super well-rounded pour with so much to offer in terms of complexity, flavor and balance. This was the first Single Malt I've had from Tasmania and I'm digging it.

From the Rare Hare website: "A rugged little island off the southeaster coast of Australia, Tasmania boasts a unique ecosystem that conspires to create some of the best whisky in the world. 

The temperate maritime climate of Tasmania, with its long hot summer days, short cold winter days, plentiful sunshine, and low humidity, provides the perfect storm for creating this exceptional single malt whisky - The Tempest.

Produced in very small batches using pristine Tasmanian water and locally sourced malt and barley, The Tempest employs a centuries-old pot still distillation process that spans nearly three days, followed by a secondary slow still distillation to yield a whisky of unparalleled quality and character."

As far as the bottle, it's currently sold out on the Rare Hare Spirits website, but snoop around a bit to see if others intrigue you as well.

Thank you kindly, to the folks at Rare Hare Spirits for providing this amazing sample.

Library Rating: 8.8 / 10

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