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Remus Repeal Reserve Series V - Review


George Remus

Repeal Reserve Series V

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

G. Remus Distilling Company

NAS - Blended (13-16 Year Barrels)

100 Proof

Distilled in Lawerenceburg, Indiana

Mash Bill: Various (see below)

Retail Price: $100

Poured Neat in a Glencairn

Color: Tawny

Nose: Vanilla, Caramel, Oak and Leather

Palate: Brown Sugar, Toffee, Almonds, Earthy tones, Milk Chocolate, Dark Cherries

Finish: Thick coating with a warm and lasting hug

Overall: A blend of barrels many of us enthusiasts are very familiar with. "Distilled in Indiana" - this always makes me smile as I can almost guarantee it's quality. Of course each barrel plays a key roll in the flavors of the aged distillate, but MGP has the mash down to a science. High Rye and High Flavor! Let's dive into this Series V just a bit here. I get quite a bit of complexity and a well balanced blend. The drinkability at 100 Proof is just what I was looking for. Is it "smooth"? You better believe it is. 13-16 year barrels seems to be a sweet spot. I can see the dark fruits showing their face a little more as I sip more into this bottle. All-in-all, this one has my attention and I'll seek out the next release for sure.

Breakdown of the Blend:

9% 2005 Bourbon (21% Rye)

5% 2006 Bourbon (36% Rye)

19% 2006 Bourbon (21% Rye)

13% 2008 Bourbon (21% Rye)

54% 2008 Bourbon (36% Rye)

Library Rating: 8.8 / 10


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