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Time To Get Back To The Grind

It's been a little while since I updated any of my blogs or posted any reviews, but I haven't been lazy. There are some exciting times ahead for my website and I will get back in the saddle and start posting more frequently and with a little more structure.

The group I helped create, The Bourbon Thieves, have been hard at work! With three Single Barrel / Private Reserve bottlings under our belts, we are aiming for a new release at the rate of each month. We aren't just picking barrels to pick barrels. We are searching for those truly unique selections and at the same time, we are always looking to help the smaller lesser known companies and distilleries. Of course, this process takes time that doesn't just include the tasting portion. There is so much that goes into each selection. We are blessed to have an incredible team of Founders as well as a great team from a distribution standpoint, Curiada. We have been working with Curiada since our first release (RY3). With constant communication and a wonderful attitude, we decided to keep working with them. At the same time, The Bourbon Thieves have helped them grow as much as they watch us grow.

I've said it before, but relationships are key in this hobby. Being honest and genuine go such a long way. Keep an eye out for future updates on what to expect in the near future!

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