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Weekend Trip to Rhode Island

Being cooped up in the house for well over a year makes you go a little crazy sometimes. These past 15 months have been tough on a lot of folks, but for me, I've made a ton of new connections, friends and even some I'd consider family. That's why when there was word of a Cigar, Whiskey and BBQ event up in the Northeast, my wife was first to say "we should go". It took zero convincing for me to agree and immediately call my Bourbon Thieves brother, Joe, who lives in Providence, Rhode Island. We had all the logistics and reservations completed in less than 24 hours and high hopes this trip was going to be a blast.

We decided on a 4 day weekend to make the most of our time. Arrived on a Thursday and flew home on Sunday. Here's a quick recap of the trip:


Drove to Charlotte-Douglas Airport around 10ish and dropped the car at the Parking Spot. All masked up and shuttled to the airport. Checked our bags and walked to our gate. My wife and I were praying for an upgrade but the plane was small and no such luck. We were two-aside so no issues anyways. A quick 2 hour and change flight up the coast had us landing in Providence (PVD) around 2:30ish. Walked to the rental lot which seemed to be a mile away but no complaints when we saw we had a choice of a brand new Mustang Convertible for the same price I reserved for a mid-size. Top went down and away we went to drop off our luggage at the hotel in Downtown Prividence. We decided to take the Thursday afternoon to do our own thing. So we cruised to Newport and enjoyed a late lunch featuring plenty of seafood and a few beers. After we ate, we walked down the street and to the marina to just take in a new surrounding. We then decided to take a stroll at the Cliff Walk.


Slept in a little (8am) and had plans to meet Joe at our hotel around 9:30 and do a little Bourbon Hunting. Hopped in his car and cruised to Yankee Spirits, Liquor World, Gasbarro's and a few others. Met another Member of the Bourbon Thieves, Keith, at one of the stores in Mass and he jumped in the car with us as we continued our hunt. I ended up picking up a Liquor World Four Roses Single Barrel Barrel Strength and a Three Chord Strange Collaboration Pinot Noir Finish. I didn't want to go too crazy with bottles as I knew we had to haul them all home in a few days. We got hungry and now it was time for Joe to introduce us to a Rhode Island staple, Hot Wieners and Coffee Milk from Olneyville N.Y. System. Wife and I ordered 3 "all the way" and a couple Coffee Milks. They may look like a mess, but man did they hit the spot.

Decided to head back to the hotel after to take a little nap before our big evening plans. Got ready and headed out on the highway with the top down to Middleboro, MA and an awesome Bourbon Bar and Restaurant called Charred Oak Tavern. Keith nailed it with this recommendation as we did what we do best...drink, eat and repeat.

Baked Stuffed Shrimp

After filling our bellies with tons of food and some killer pours, we headed back to the Providence area and into Cranston, RI to enjoy more drinks and cigars at The Gentleman. The night was filled with stories, laughs and plenty of drinks. Had the pleasure of meeting yet another Bourbon Thieves Member, Zach as we all sat and enjoyed each other's company in a really cool spot. Closed the place down and took the 10 minute drive back to the hotel to get some sleep before another fun day ahead.

Zach, Joe, Anthony (Me)


Woke up around 7 and in dire need of coffee so we walked around the corner to Dunkin' for a quick cup and a small bite before starting the day. Headed down the street to Federal Hill for some breakfast. Yes, more food!

Nova Scotia Benny with Italian Sausage Hash

We waited for one of our longest Bourbon Thieves Members, Annie, to get in and settled at the hotel. This was also the first time meeting her as she lives in PA and made the 4 hour drive up. My wife, Annie and I gathered in our room and had a couple drinks before heading to the big event, Smoked. Top down again as we cruised out to Rehoboth, MA to get this party started!

Drinks, Cigars and BBQ for the next few hours at a Country Club is just what the doctor ordered. Met even more Thieves and the gracious host of the event, Evan. Everything was well put together and we had an absolute blast. Hell, we even won a few raffles and door prizes. But the best was still yet to come. Party at Joe's house back in North Providence!

Top down and a quick stop at the hotel to get changed and put our stuff away and then off to Joe's house for a fun night of more drinks, food and more if you didn't know.

Spent the next few hours smoking cigars and poring a few more drinks and just enjoying each other's company. Another big thank you to Joe, for having us all at his house. This really was the highlight of the entire trip.

Zach, Anthony (Me), Mike, Joe, Keith, Annie, Jordan

Good Thing I remembered to take some pictures because I think many of us got caught up in the moment and just forgot.


Headed back to the hotel early in the morning to get some sleep before having to pack up and get together for one last lunch before our flight. Up at around 9 and I noticed Annie was active on IG so I text her and we cruised out to grab some coffee and get the day started. We decided on PJ's Pub for lunch which is owned by the same folks as The Gentlemen. One last hoorah before heading out and boy, did we make it count! Such a great trip overall and we already can't wait until the next one!

Wings for days!

Peace Out, Rhode Island!!

And of course only the wife got the upgrade on the way home...but I had the entire row to myself

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