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It has been an incredible journey through the Social Media Whiskey World the past couple years. It started with me posting photos of my “Drink of the Day” to my personal Facebook account. The posts were frequent and I may have come across as an alcoholic to my family and friends but began to establish a group of folks who were genuinely interested in what I had to say. It was at this point I decided I needed a dedicated account to focus on my collection and most of all, the Library. The photo shows the initial Library setup in 2018. The Instagram account @the_bourbon_library was created in November of 2019. I changed my handle after a couple months to @TheBourbonWhiskeyLibrary to better incorporate my love for ALL whisk(e)y. Since then, there has been no looking back. My account has continued to grow organically and I couldn‘t be more humbled by the amount of support I receive on a daily basis. The time finally has come to launch this website. With so many new thoughts and so much on the horizon, this seemed like the best way to kick things off. A huge thank you to my wife for all her support and help in getting this rolled out! I look forward to having you follow along on this fun adventure! Cheers 🥃📖🥃

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