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Trade-Up Tuesday - Part 12


This week may have been one of the biggest weeks for the Trade-Up project. Let’s just hit the ground running here! I’m only going to announce a couple trades as the Old Ezra 7 and EH Taylor SmB are still in my possession, but this really created a resurgence in the project.

Obviously the Weller Full Proof SP and the Weller 12 drew a ton of attention and for the right reasons. Here we go:

  1. Weller 12 was traded out for an Old Fitzgerald 11 Year. As you can imagine, I was stoked to add this to the project.

  2. Weller Full Proof SP was traded out for the following: Smoke Wagon Uncut Batch 120, Weller Antique 107 and two Henry McKenna 10 Year BiB.

This project took a bit of a turn from Trade-Up to Trade-For-Many haha.

What do you think of these moves?


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