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Trade-Up Tuesday - Part 16

First, I can’t thank you all enough for following along on this journey. It’s been 16 weeks of posts documenting and showing photos of the small collection that all came from a single fifteen dollar bottle. This week’s post still shows progress in what I set out to do from the beginning…trade up.

Stagg Jr Batch 14 was on the table not for very long. I can’t believe the amount of attention certain bottles bring. Is it the scarcity? Is it the fact it’s from Buffalo Trace? Is it gold? All rhetorical questions, of course. Like I said, this didn’t last long in the Library. I was met with an offer maybe only a few people would have taken. But it excited me enough to make it happen.

Stagg Jr Batch 14 for Jack Daniel’s 10 Year. If you know me, if you follow me then you know…

This was very much a Trade-Up in my eyes and I’m happy with the way this unfolded.

Only 2 more weeks left. What can the final trades bring?


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