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Trade- Up Tuesday - Part 18 - The Final Chapter

What better way to close out this 10 month project than to watch it all come full-circle? That’s right, the last trade I made was not a “trade-up” but rather one that completed an exciting journey. The final trade was an Ezra 7 Year for a JTS Brown. This wasn’t as much of a favor as it was closure to a fun time.

Through this project, I was able to interact and personally meet a lot of great people. I’m a people person so chatting for a long time about a passion / hobby we love is always exciting to me. I like to think this project served as an ice-breaker to a few folks who were reluctant to make trades because they “didn’t even know where to start”. As I said, 10 months of trades is quite a lot to manage. But it was my mission to stroll through the journey and show you how a single bottle of JTS Brown turned into a small collection.

Thank you all for following along and engaging with me during this. I made it

a point not to mention the folks I traded with and that seemed to work out well. With the exception of a comment or two on some of the threads, it seemed to go without much disrespect or negativity. I just kept pushing the idea of a “bigger picture” mentality.

If you would like to read about each trade, you can check out each segm

ent broken down here on my website under Reviews and then Projects.

Cheers and thanks for Trading Up with me!


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