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Trade-Up Tuesday - Part 14

The big question after last week’s trade was, am I going to call it quits after obtaining the Jack Daniel’s Coy Hill? Well, the answer was, let’s keep it rolling along!

As soon as I had the Coy Hill in my possession, the offers began to flood my inbox. I must have sifted through well over 50 in the first couple hours. I also began to realize this next trade wasn’t going to be like the others. The offer that stood out the most to me was the one I went with. It was only after plenty of questions where I asked on my part: “are you sure?” To which the response was, “absolutely, this is something I’ve wanted since it came out.” Sometimes you get an offer you can’t refuse 🤌🏽 So here you go:

Jack Daniel’s Coy Hill was traded for: 1792 Single Barrel SP, 1792 Full Proof SP, Yellowstone SiB SP, Heaven Hill 7yr BiB and a 2006 Wild Turkey 101 8 Year.

My inventory doubled to 10 bottles which stemmed from a simple 15 dollar JTS Brown. Safe to call it a collection now and time to re-focus as to where I want to call this.


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