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Trade-Up Tuesday - Part 15

Since this has gotten a little crazy, I’ll start this segment with what I had in the inventory: 1792 SiB SP, 1792 FP SP, Yellowstone SP, Heaven Hill 7yr BiB, ‘06 Wild Turkey 101 8yr, Old Weller Antique 107, Henry McKenna 10yr BiB, EH Taylor Small Batch, Old Ezra 7yr and an Old Overholt 11yr Rye.

Looking at this list and just realizing it all came from a single bottle of JTS Brown, simply blows me away. So what happens now? Damn right, keep trying to trade…

This week brings a couple trades that kept the dream alive:

A) Old Weller Antique 107 & 1792 SiB SP for a Batch 14 Stagg Jr.

B) Heaven Hill 7yr BiB for Willett 4yr Rye

Only 3 weeks left until this is completed. Stay tuned next week for another great week of trading!


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