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Trade-Up Tuesday - Part 3

Part 3 - If you’ve been following the past two weeks, you’ve seen me start with a relatively inexpensive bottle and eventually turn it into two somewhat harder to find bottles.

This trade was another that caught my eye early on. When I say that, I mean the bottles being offered should bring some attention within the whiskey community. Single Barrel Selections generally tend to be crowd pleasers. So, I went through with the trade that sent two Henry McKenna 10 year bottles in return for a 1792 Single Barrel and a 1792 Bottled In Bond, both being Single Barrel Selections. Retail valuations matched up fairly well and once again, both parties were happy.

There’s always something out there for everyone and I really hope these trades are helping folks find certain bottles they generally cannot find on a normal basis.

What do you think of Part 3? Could you have predicted after only two trades, I’d have 2 1792 Single Barrel Selections after starting with a sub-15 bottle?

Keep an eye out next week to see what these bottles fetched.

Recap: JTS Brown -> Buffalo Trace SiB Selection -> 2x Henry McKenna 10 Year -> 1792 SiB (SP) & 1792 BiB (SP)

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