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Trade-Up Tuesday - Part 5

The Blood Oath Pact 7 brought more attention than I thought it would. It took me a little longer to sift through offers and determine which was going to be the best fit. This was a hard process as I was trying to train my mind not to just go with the trade that I personally like best but one that would encompass the entire picture.

The offer that seemed to work the best in this situation was a Stagg Jr. Batch 15 along with a ‘18 High West BouRye. I knew both would generate quite a bit of interest so I made it work. A very generous offer and another successful trade closed out a fun part 5.

Recap: JTS Brown -> Buffalo Trace SiB Selection -> 2x Henry McKenna 10 Year -> 1792 SiB (SP) & 1792 BiB (SP) -> Blood Oath Pact 7 -> Stagg Jr (15) & BouRye (18)

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