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Trade-Up Tuesday - Part 6

Of course, the Stagg Jr Batch 15 was going to raise a few eyebrows and it certainly did. I wanted to trade whatever bottles I received as a package, but later learned this tactic wasn’t the best way. I’m getting ahead of myself. I did trade the Stagg and the Bourye for another pair. Some may think this trade was a step back but I had a vision and wanted to capitalize where I could while still helping someone out. I ended up receiving a Weller 107 along with a Bowman Single Barrel. Retail valuations were fairly close so we shook hands and closed out deal number 6.

Just a quick recap, a JTS Brown BiB has landed me this OWA and Bowman SiB after 6 trades. How far do you think this can go? A little secret…this got popular quick and there are quite a few more trades to announce 😉🥃

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