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Trade-Up Tuesday - Part 8

Last week many of you thought the trade I made was a “trade-down” as opposed to the “trade-up” title of my project. Let me show you why sometimes it’s about the bigger picture and helping others along the way. I received an offer for the EHT Small Batch and Larceny BP that I just couldn’t pass up. While I’m always looking to get the bottles that bring a lot of attention from each trade, I’m also looking to make thing easy, so moving both bottles in the same transaction made my day. What was the return you ask? As you can see in the photo, the Library received a Bookers 2021-01, Four Roses SiB Barrel StrengthOBSK South Carolina Pick and a bottle of Buffalo Trace.

How do you feel about this week’s reveal? The trades start to get a little bit more advanced going forward as bottles start getting split up so there will be some paying attention to do.

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