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Trade-Up Tuesday - Part 9


Part 9 - Booker’s 2021-01, Four Roses Barrel Strength OBSK NC Pick and Buffalo Trace…what could this possibly land in a Trade-Up format? Well, this is another example where I had to split up the lot to get a better deal in place. While I feel the JTS Brown to these three was a win in itself, I had to keep this going. Let’s get to the first part of this trade:

While I understand this is a “Trade Up” project, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to obtain a rare bottle even though the retail value is half of what the Booker’s is. So, Booker’s for Elmer T Lee was a done deal. I also knew the Elmer would fetch a great trade next week.

Second part of this week’s reveal was the Four Roses Barrel Strength. Again, looking at the bigger picture and the allure of the Yellow Tube, I pulled the trigger on an EH Taylor Single Barrel. A pretty even trade based on retail and just more play for the next week.

I ended up hanging on to the Buffalo Trace for the time being as a possible kicker if I needed it in future trades.

Recap: JTS Brown —> 9 Parts of trades —> Elmer T Lee, EH Taylor Single Barrel and Buffalo Trace

What do you think?

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